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Week 12 – A basic transceiver app

This week I continued my work on the GUI. I did some minor improvements for the receiver and implemented the basic functionality for the transmitter. Receiver improvements: Add file source as a second source option of receiving IQ samples (next to USRP) Add a record feature: writes the received and selected subchannel audio (in addition … Continue reading Week 12 – A basic transceiver app

Week 11 – Graphical User Interface

This week I started creating the GUI for my DAB/DAB+ transceiver app. I divided the task into the following sub tasks: Create a principle design for the user interface Achieve basic functionality for reception Achieve basic functionality for transmission Add nice features and improve usability/design Add developer mode Create a principle design for the user … Continue reading Week 11 – Graphical User Interface

Week 09 – There is music in the air!

I solved the Reed Solomon issue! After implementing another Reed Solomon decoder (parts of libfec by KA9Q), both decoders would still not be able to correct any errors. Because I eliminated all possible prior issues and I excepted the possibility that both RS decoders were not properly implemented, the only remaining error source could be … Continue reading Week 09 – There is music in the air!